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The 360° MasterMind consists of the following:
  •  Private Facebook group: This is the place where we engage, answer your questions and help others.
  • Members resource area: This area is your go to spot to access templates, learning materials and more.
  • Product validation templates and profit calculators: Access tools to help you make better decisions when selecting a product to sell.  
  • Networking opportunities: Meeting like minded people in this space is so important to help you learn, grow and create new friendships.
  • Private workshops: Connect with Jamie and Michael's private Amazon superstar network and learn new techniques and tips from the best.
  • Video knowledge base: This is the place to get the answers to the challenges you may face when building/running an Amazon business. 
  • ​​Private Discord group: ​Discord is the next level way for our group to collaborate, grow, share and learn about every facet of the Amazon journey. 
  • Weekly 360° workshops: Join Michael and Jamie each week to learn next level techniques.
  • ​Q and A solutions sessions: Have a question? These are the sessions where we help you clear things up.
  • Thrasio - your exit partner: Thrasio will be your exit mentors to help clear the path towards a future exit. 
  • ​Genevieve Davis: Your mindset and manifestation mentor.
  • ​​Nat Cook: Your motivational mentor.
  • ​​Jeff Schick: Your Amazon legal advisory mentor.
  • ​​Heath Thompson: Your PPC and listing mentor.
  • ​​Steven Black: Your marketing mentor.
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